Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ed Cafe Take Away Classwork Angle vid

GRIT  = passion, stamina, work hard,  living life as a marathon

There were so many great points :

*Grittier kids more likely to graduate
*very talented individuals

*your ability can change with your effort
*the brain grows
*failure is not a permanent condition
*Be gritty about getting kids grittier

I agree you can't teach grit.   The challenge is definitely getting kids to be gritty.  

ED CAFE will be awesome in the classroom.  Our literature circles with our new novels study units will be so engaging.

Teaching Grit .  I leave this very motivated by still confused.  Grade matter, scores matter and kids are trained with standardized testing scores.

GT groups  -discussions around kids who qualify for this needs to continue.  I had a group of 6 students that Molly Smith worked with on Fridays that have strong math skills, and they all grasped new skills faster than the rest of the class.  Grit?  you bet!  They weren't officially in a GT group but they loved their extensions and the homework that was differentiated.

IEP's every student should have one

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