Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pinterfest Quest

Pinterfest !  I can't imagine how many ways this will impact my personal and school life.  I am already excited about all of the recipes I am going to try out this summer.  Home project?  Summer reading ideas?  No problem!  Everything from bleaching your teeth white to family travel plans to CCSC in the class.

I set up an Edmoto account.  I will have my 39 students begin with adding to my group and then begin with conversations about their summer reading lists.

19 pencils has just hundreds of literary circle ideas.  I will print them and discuss them with Liz and Gina this summer.

Diigo is amazing as well.  The organization and search engine will change the way I use Google.  I haven't played around with this one enough.

I have not yet designed my new classroom blog.  I am going to work on the template on my own this summer and then stay after school and probably work some with Holly before I link it to the HMS site.

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