Monday, June 17, 2013

Teens Talk Think For Yourself!

* I loved this video.  Again, I'm going to relate to my son's experience.  The teen that quotes her favorite classes as being hands on and connected to the real world are so key

* My son and his twin's sister favorite high school class is chemistry.

* This teacher conducted a real life CSI lab.  This class so inspired my son he is going into police and fire science after years of thinking about another career. They were given clues about a crime and their labs were solving this crime.  It included finger print reading, identifying contents of vomit, footprints and more.  Truly, when they shared this at home, I wanted to attend class!

Classes that teach you to speak and think for yourself!  YES!

* Another connection and point I agree that this teen makes is cramming for test and the faults of them.

My daughter attended a private high school for two years.  She had 7 classes every day for 42 minutes a class. She has exams, essays and projects weekly.  Friday was test day.  In order to get everything done, she pulled all nighters Thursday into Friday.  she learned 50 Latin words, 25 English vocabulary words, and wrote at least three essays a week.  She did have extremely high grade and she learnedd a lot,  However, she had mono as a result.  what good does that do anyone.  Having had a year at public school, she has longer classes every other day.  she loves the fact she can digest the material and have time to seek review in a class before having the course again.  She took n honors math calss that was incredible hard for her.  However, she worked in the lab on days in between Her year average is a 92. 

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  1. Hands on - YES! I see the same thing in my own kids at home and which classes and teachers they learn from and appreciate the most. Any lesson that a child can relate to, or literally dig their hands into, is always the one they gain the most from. Going home to an 8th grader and a sophomore definitely gives me the "other perspective" of teachers' lessons and units.